VPB-118 Crew 10 Scrapbook


The Rope

This is the piece of rope that wrapped around the wing of Crew 10's plane on May 6, 1945 after a Japanese ship exploded in front of it. The other crew from that patrol, the Lasater crew, went MIA. The signs say in part, "GEN-U-WINE JAP ROPE...IT WAS CARRIED BACK ON THE WING OF A 4Y-2...FOR A NEW JOB INQUIRE..."

Photo courtesy John Tynes/Steven Diederich

The enlisted men of Crew 10 posed for this photo at NAS Crow's Landing. The caption on the back lists them as Dewitt, Golmon, Hatch, Quinn, Williams, Brooks, Rosen, and Pettit.

Photo courtesy Kurt Stauffer

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