M.L. Marshall sent me a copy of this newsletter published on base at the time of VPB-118's decommissioning. I believe there may be some discrepency with the officially-stated tallies for VPB-118 but given the context I believe it's understandable:

Coronado Heights Annex
San Diego, California

VOL. 1, 4 Dec. 1945 EDT. 13

The first squadron of Privateers, PB4Y-2, to see action against the Japs at Iwo Jima, is now in the decommissioning process aboard this station. VPB 118, under the command of Lt. Cmdr. C.W. Rinehart, USN, who holds the DFC, is in charge of that operation.

118's war score, in one cruise of 9 months combat, ran up a total that some carrier air groups did not equal in three cruises. In addition to the 100 ships sunk totaling 118,000 tons, they damaged another 112,000 tons of enemy shipping. They destroyed 14 Jap planes in the air and 8 on the ground, in addition to damaging many others.

Their runs were always conducted at masthead level, 95% of which were within sight of Japan or Korea and within range of shore batteries. Their targets were not confined to shipping and aircraft. They destroyed and damaged enemy ground installations including 3 oil refineries, 15 railroad locomotives, 18 lighthouses, and numerous radio and radar stations.

The squadron mined Jap waters with over 200 one ton mines and carried on strafing activities on both land and sea targets. They sent the first plane over the sea of Japan and were the first bombers to operate from Okinawa. They also dropped the first bomb on Iwo Jima.
Although they had a complete turnover of personnel, the members hold more than 400 awards, one, the Navy Cross.