Related Reading — Books Pertaining to VPB-118, VP Squadrons, and the Pacific War

118Book_sm (4K)"VPB-118, The History of Navy Patrol Bombing Squadron 118, 'The Old Crows'" is unfortunately out of print. This book was written by members of VPB-118 using their collective recollections, log books, documents in the National Archives, and other supporting materials. Virtually every important mission is reported very matter-of-factly.

GreatBombers (6K)"Great American Bombers of WWII" by Wm. N. Hess, Frederick A. Johnsen, and Chester Marshall, published by MBI Publishing Company. This is actually three books in one. The authors respectively tackle the B-17, the B-24 (including the PB4Y-2), and the B-29. All three planes played important roles in the Pacific Theatre, so this is a great book to get an overview of those planes. There are more than 450 photographs and copious amounts of information and personal accounts. The section on PB4Y-2's is not comprehensive, but there is information on the electronics that I have not seen elsewhere - interesting to the son of a radio/radarman. I got my hardbound copy for $25, a lot of book for that price.

pacwarcover (64K)"The Pacific War 1941-1945" by John Costello is 742 pages, including notes and index. While barely mentioning B-24's of any type, the book is recommended to put the efforts of VPB-118 in context. After you have finished reading this book you have a much better understanding of the scope of the conflict and the brutality of this war, and often its absurdity.

okinawacover (42K)"OKINAWA - The Last Battle of World War II" by Robert Leckie. VPB-118 finished up its tour of duty on Okinawa, and I remember my father talking about the fear that the Japanese artillery could inspire when he first got there with Tom Dodson's crew. This book tells the story of the 83-day infantry struggle to wrest the island away from the suicidal Japanese troops.

AngrySea (7K)ALAN CAREY'S BOOKS on Navy Liberator and Privateer squadrons. Many photos, first-person accounts, exclusive information. Highly recommended. "Above An Angry Sea" covers the Pacific Navy Patrol Bombers of WWII, with much on VPB-118, and giving important context to the role that VPB-118 played.