VPB-118 Videos

Charlie Hodge describes how his plane's pilot, Lt. Harry Duba, got himself grounded for two weeks.

Stanley Ostazeski arrived at Okinawa with the Shortlidge crew relatively late in the war, but in time for some harrowing moments. Listen as he modestly describes two missions that easily qualify him as an air combat veteran.

Charlie Hodge describes the July 27, 1944 raid on Chefoo, China. It started out as six planes but by the time they reached the target, there were only three planes. The planes were Lt. Harry Duba's, Lt. Tom Dodson's and, far off to the side, a plane from another squadron.

Charlie Hodge describes one aircrew's Pacific Theater odyssey in search of a decent Hershey Bar.

Richard Landis starts out by explaining that has crew arrived in time for combat and sank two ships*, and finishes by talking about being reunited with his buddy Mike Hedrich of the Park crew, only three days before the entire crew was killed in action, and days before the end of the war. *The VPB-118 book does not explicitly state that the Browne Crew arrived in November, 1944. However, it does neglect to mention the Browne patrol on August 7 that resulted in the sinking of two ships. This probably was due an oversight during the writing of the book, and was probably caused by not having access to Richard's flight log, of which I have a scan.