VPB-118 Crew 2 Scrapbook (all photos by Paul Crowley except where noted)

VPB-118 tent city

Crashed Japanese plane on Okinawa.

Crashed Japanese plane on Okinawa (cutting souvenirs).

Two radio operators: Harold Peterson, Walter Johnson

Tom Bay, Paul Crowley

Walter Johnson, Harold Peterson, Tom Bay, and Paul Crowley's shadow. The plexiglass is covered to protect it from blowing sand and such. Probably kept the heat down, also. (This plane isn't Miss Lottatail, 59410.)

View through Paul Crowley's bow turret plexiglas of Iwo Jima during the battle, March 19, 1945, one week before the island was declared secured. VPB-118 planes provided radar picket protection to the U.S. fleet. It appears to me that the white wisps seen with the ships to the left of Mount Suribachi are from a barrage. Paul notes on the back of the photo that there was an infantry landing taking place.

Miss Lottatail. BuNo. 59410
(Navy photo from Richard Carmelich)

Harold Peterson and James Wahl (sans moustache) mid-August, 1945 at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, on their way home to the mainland after Crew 2 was relieved.