Crew 18, U.S. Navy PB4Y-2 "Privateer" Patrol Bomber Squadron VPB-118

Information recounted here was obtained from the VPB-118 book, "The Old Crows, VPB-118, The History of Navy Patrol Bombing Squadron 118." Most of the crew names were compiled by James Pettit. Crew photo courtesy James Pettit of VPB-118.

DeGolia Crew, photo probably taken on Okinawa. (Courtesy Gary Clifton, son of Charles Clifton)

PPC Lt. Robert M. “Dagwood” DeGolia

Crew 18 of VPB-118 consisted of:

(Back row L-R) Robert W. Clark (ARM3), Ervie J. Gardiner (AMM2), Paul F. Prince (Ordinance), Walter L. Elliot (ARM2), Sam A. Phillips (Bombardier)

(Front row L-R) Robert E. Ransom (ARM1), Lt. (jg) Charles G. Clifton (Co-pilot), Lt. Robert M. DeGolia (PPC), Lt. (jg) Robert M. Eytchison (Co-pilot), James R. Bush (Plane captain)

Crew 18 in front of BuNo 59448. Crew 15 lost the original Modest O Miss, BuNo 59402 when a wheel collapsed on Iwo Jima. -- U.S. Navy Photo (Courtesy James Pettit)