Crew 99, U.S. Navy PB4Y-2 "Privateer" Patrol Bomber Squadron VPB-118

Information recounted here was obtained from the VPB-118 book, "The Old Crows, VPB-118, The History of Navy Patrol Bombing Squadron 118." Most of the crew names were compiled by James Pettit. Crew photo courtesy James Pettit of VPB-118.

This photo shows the Matthews crew at Camp Kearney and lists them as crew "M-34 of VPB-197". (Photo courtesy of Lowry Matthews, son)

PPC Lt. William T. Matthews

The Matthews relief crew of VPB-118 consisted of:

Lt. William T. Matthews (PPC), Ens. Richard L. Bishop (co-pilot), Ens. Warren O. Tiller (co-pilot), Fred G. Hecker AMM2c (plane captain/forward top turret), Carl Richgels AMM2c (2nd mechanic/tail turret), Rudolph L. Swats AMM3c (3rd mechanic/waist turret), Charles E. Johnson, Jr. ARM2c (1st radio), Donald L. McDill ARM2c (2nd radio/radar), Richard L. Kniffin ARM3c (3rd radio/bow turret), Robert D. Johnson S1c(ARM) (4th radio/waist turret), Jimmie L. O'Hara AOM1c (bombardier), Charles J. Beecham, AOM2c(T) (ordnanceman/aft top turret)

The Matthews crew arrived around 8/11/1945 as a relief crew. Their crew photo shows that they transferred in from VPB-197.

This scan has enhanced contrast to make the text more legible. Please note the inscription "Crew 34 of VPB-197" at the bottom of the middle entry. (Photo courtesy of Lowry Matthews, son)