Crew 99, U.S. Navy PB4Y-2 "Privateer" Patrol Bomber Squadron VPB-118

Information recounted here was obtained from the VPB-118 book, "The Old Crows, VPB-118, The History of Navy Patrol Bombing Squadron 118." Most of the crew names were compiled by James Pettit. Crew photo courtesy James Pettit of VPB-118.

The King crew.

PPC Lt. Commander George King

The King relief crew of VPB-118 consisted of:

(Back L-R) Waugh (tail gunner), Koreba (gunner), Unknown (navigator), Lt. Commander George King (commander pilot), Roeker (copilot), Gurnsey (plane

(Front L-R) Daubenspeck (2nd radio/ rear upper deck gunner), Hightower (?), Sandy Somone (gunner), Theron Turner (1st radio/forward upper deck gunner), Norby (nose gunner, ordinance man), Unknown

The VPB-118 book states that their only record of the King crew’s existence was a “combat hop” on 10 August, 1945, so we know that the crew arrived as a relief crew some time prior to that date. (Page 302)

Thanks to Justin Quednau for sending this to us. Thanks to his wife’s grandfather, Theron Turner, for making this available to us. Justin commented, “I apologize for any misspelled names.” Thanks to all for their service to our country.

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